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Time Shadows

by Lawrence Lougheed

Released 2002
Melodialworks Music
Released 2002
Melodialworks Music
The album seamlessly blends intimate relaxing solo piano pieces, piano with lush orchestration, and synthesizer pieces. New age and adult contemporary music. Serenely romantic, healing, and gently playful. "A gem of a release. Recommended" -Bill Binkelman
"Canadian pianist/keyboardist Lawrence Lougheed has created a beautiful debut recording of original music. "Time Shadows" is a wonderful collection, and I highly recommend it."
- Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications

"Time Shadows is a welcomed excursion into the fine art of vintage New Age Instrumental Music."
- BEAR, Host/Producer, New Age Sampler

"People who enjoy traditional "new age music" or beautiful adult contemporary music will delight in this new gem of a release. Recommended."
- Bill Binkleman, Wind and Wire

The music on Time Shadows is memorable, warm and inviting. While each song stands on its own, and the individual pieces vary in tempo and mood, the album as a whole is unified by a rich sense of melody and a theme of musical beauty.

Time Shadows can be enjoyed equally as background music or in a more active listening manner.

In either setting, the music produces a rewarding experience.