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by Lawrence Lougheed

Released 2018
Melodialworks Music
Released 2018
Melodialworks Music
Solo piano music that is full of elegance and refinement and will touch your soul from the very first chords.
This music touches your soul from the very first chords. Meditation piano music of Lawrence Lougheed is just like a conversation with your very good and old friend whom you weren’t able to meet for long years, and now you both have a lot of to talk about… And you don’t need to hurry because you have plenty of time.

Compositions of the artist are full of calmness and purity. They go deep to the innermost corners of the listener’s heart and bring him warm and strength. All melodies of Lawrence Lougheed are filled with real emotion experiences and it gives a special and rare quality to his new album titled “Bluelle”.

I can compare ingenious music of Lawrence Lougheed with the best artists performing in the genre of new age, contemporary instrumental and new classic music such as Peter Kater, Lisa Downing, Laura Sullivan and, certainly, Michael Hoppe. But undoubtedly Lawrence Lougheed has his own very expressive style which cannot be fully compared even with the most famous artists. His star shines brightly on the horizon of the modern piano music.

“Bluelle” can be easily used for the heart and soul therapy. It brings such feeling like you open the window and gusts of fresh wind burst into your home. And you feel the aroma of fragrant meadow flowers and refreshing pine wood.

I would like to say about one more very important feature of Lawrence Lougheed music. It is full of elegance and refinement. “Bluelle” is a true delicacy for the most demanding music lovers. I am sure this is one of the best releases of this year.

Listen to “Bluelle”, soak up this music with all your heart, plunge into its stream and discover the real world filled with pervasive love, endless richness and inexpressible beauty.

Serge Kozlovsky